As business owners, we know how much time, effort and money it takes to build and sustain a business. You need to protect that investment, and you can rely on our experience and our excellent carriers to help you. Fill out one of our convenient commercial data forms, and return it to us so that we can get started on a free quote for you.

Here's a brief review of the principal commercial coverages that we'll be helping you acquire.

General Liability

If a customer gets hurt at your place of business, or if you damage a client's property, general liability helps you to compensate for the loss. Liability insurance also covers unintentional injury to another person's reputation, lifestyle or business as a result of some inadvertent act by your business. In any of these cases, lawsuits against businesses usually involve higher damage claims than lawsuits against individuals. In turn, the levels of liability coverage are appropriately large, normally ranging from $600,000 to $4,000,000 of total annual coverage.

Property Insurance

We can help you protect your place of business and the furnishings, inventory and equipment needed to run your business. Let us help you obtain the right type of property coverage whether you lease or own your location, set the amount of business personal property coverage to help you replace your equipment or stock if some catastrophe strikes, and make sure that your insurance helps you continue your operations elsewhere if your original location is closed for repair or rebuilding after a covered loss.

Workers Compensation

For more about this coverage, click here.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It's important for business owners to have more liability coverage than consumers, especially for their vehicles. As an independent agency, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars by comparison shopping for their commercial auto coverage. Fill out and return our auto data sheet and we can quickly return a free commercial auto quote for you.

Other coverages

In addition to the major coverage types listed above, we can combine many other available coverages into an affordable package for you. These include:

  • Seasonal increases to cover you at your busiest time, and reduce your costs the rest of the year
  • Coverage for stock or equipment in transit
  • Professional liability for lawyers, accountants and a host of other service providers
  • Crime insurance
  • Garage coverage for auto repair shops, towing companies, and non-franchised car dealers.
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